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GBR Funding has earned its reputation for low cost merchant cash advances, merchant loans, and strives for superior service along the way. We offer up to $2,000,000 to keep your businesses growing and profitable and will tailor a program to your specific needs. Our application process is streamlined and easy-you'll typically know how much you qualify for within a day, and receive the money in as little as a week.

GBR Funding's merchant cash advances and merchant loans are powerful alternatives to traditional bank or small business loans-you qualify based primarily on your business's cash flow, not collateral, or the sacrifice of owner's equity. Collection is flexible, automatic, and based on your sales volume.

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Convert future Visa and MasterCard receivables into immediate cash. Collection is automatic-we don't get paid until you do.

It's quick and easy to apply for this alternative funding source-no personal guarantees, and no collateral commitments.

We underwrite small and medium-sized business loans that traditional banks typically reject because of the transaction size. Our interest rates are very competitive.